Hi, I'm Celia! I'm a thirty-something closeted trans woman living in the southern US. I'll be making a more comprehensive bio for a future version of this page.

Why "Rhodamine"? What is that?

I work in a print shop, and one day while flipping through a swatch book I spotted a color called Rhodamine Red and immediately fell in love. I adore obscure words and brilliant colors, and rhodamine checks both of those boxes for me as the name of a dye that produces a gorgeous shade of magenta.

As a trans woman, I've long felt drawn to bright shades of pink and purple but I would never dare to embrace them. But now that I'm emerging from my shell a little, I guess this site's theme is a way of trying to embrace and celebrate my love of that portion of the color wheel.

Also, I think it's a fun and evocative name, so there's that.

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